IKRA Interactive Communications School

Major discipline: Strategy

British Higher School of Art & Design

Major discipline: Interactive Design

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Let's see. 5 years in advertising, 3 years in art directing, 2 year in BHSAD and most of my life in digital. Ever heard of millenials? Well that's me. Freedom! Constant learning! Creativity! Gadgets I don't need! Strelka! Poor jokes! Now seriously, I'm really good.

All-purpose creative unit with any experience you might need. BTL-ATL-SMM-Digital. Submission-Leading-Autonomy. Cars-Mobile Operators-Pharma-FMCG-Strong Drinks-Beer. You name it – been there, done that. Now I'm looking

for challenges requiring strategic thinking.







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Musical instruments, videogames, horror movies, kicker, hanging out with Masha

Food, travelling and dogs

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